Dubi Dolczek and his band bring you fifties sci-fi and mangrove swamp music, or in the words of Dubi himself:

“A couple of Aeons ago I was just plain old Graeme Smith, Sure, I had already explored vocal harmony by canoe with the Graetones, even written and performed for bands such as Yama Warashi, The Duckworths, The Mandibles, Count Bobo (and the Bullion)…

Then one sultry morning I was engulfed in an orange cloud of gamma-rays in the kitchen. I lay down and found myself in my old dream-canoe, idling down weird waters under the eaves of a verdant forest. Strange glimmers in the orange fog along the banks of the Lagoon, and beguiling voices raised in song….
I knew in that instant that I must bring the music back to King George, that it would surely aid the Empire. (…)”