Oscar Rowe hails from the sleepy, hippy town that is Totnes but don’t let that put you off. He’s as cynical as the next man about crystal bearing fairies. An almost graduate of Dartington College Of Arts, Oscar is as distracted and unfocused as you might expect a man who has recently turned 30, started going grey and developed an overwhelming fear of death to be.

His live show is intimate, “delicate and effortlessly poetic” (venue magazine) with harmonies provided by his partner, Libby Quick (an interesting songwriter in her own right). Oscar released his ‘home recordings’ e.p. at the end of 2014 and has since begun work on his debut album which he plans to self-release at the end of the year or, “whenever it’s ready”.

As part of Bert Miller And The Animal Folk, he has played the U.K. festival circuit extensively including sets on the Queen’s Head and Avalon Stages at Glastonbury Festival.

His own album is due out later this year but Oscar is also working on new material with Bert Miller and his partner, Libby Quick who are also both due to release music this year.

Oscar is currently living in Totnes.


Oscar Rowe